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Not only have we trained hundreds of new business team members, we’ve also worked in agency management and new business ourselves. In fact, the Mirren team has worked at some of the best agencies in the business, including TBWA\Chiat\Day, Wieden + Kennedy, WONGDOODY, and small boutiques around the country. When it comes to new business talent we've built a system like no other to help you identify your next executive.

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The Entry Level Subscription includes 6 weeks of access to our entire library of new business executive profiles. It also includes the online support on how to craft an effective job description and compensation package. The subscription fee for the first 6 weeks is $2650, with each additional week at $240 per week. 

The Premium Level Subscription increases to 12 weeks of access and includes our suite of New Business Research Reports, including: The New Business Salary & Tenure Report; The New Business Tools Report; and The Client Trends Defining Agency Selection. This subscription fee is $4850 for the first 12 weeks and $240 for each additional week.

As you know, this is a fraction of the fee as compared to recruiters, who typically charge 15% - 25% of the new business executive's salary. This quickly can add up to $30,000 - $60,000 for senior new business talent and even $15,000 - $20,000 for junior roles. And with little understanding of this complex position, recruiters are not able to provide much insight.

With Mirren Talent, the service is entirely online, so you can quickly begin reaching out to new business executives based on qualifying their custom profiles. You’re also provided online support with: 1) confirming the type of new business executive you need; 2) creating a performance-based job description; and 3) outlining a compensation package.

Your account can take up to one business day to be activated, but is usually live within 2 - 4 hours. Note that your Mirren Talent subscription login is tied to a specific machine. However, we provide up to two more logins per account for an additional one-time flat fee of $165 for one additional login and $265 for two additional logins.

Have a few more questions or want to learn more about Mirren Talent and how it works? Check out some of the questions and answers we have provided here. Please don’t hesitate to contact Customer Service if you have any further questions.

No. Some will be actively looking. Some will not. Our platform has been designed to provide you with a larger number of profiles, giving you more potential options for your agency. Rather than just profiling a smaller number of those who may or may not be looking at any given moment, we provide access to them all. 

These include profiles set up by senior, mid-level and junior executives, along with those we’ve proactively identified through our network. In the search functionality, you’ll use specific new business criteria to narrow down your results. Once you review the individual profiles, you’ll then select those you'd like to contact. 

Also note that in addition to working very long hours, this role is in high demand and short supply. It may take a few persistent and persuasive messages to receive a reply.

There are new business executives that have experience with the entire range of new business functions: managing new business teams, completing questionnaires/RFPs/case studies, presentation writing, proactive prospecting, organic growth, training other team members, and more. Some have even been through Mirren’s new business training.

Not only does each profile include a full background, it provides a more detailed look at their new business experience. You’ll see information that includes: type and size of agency they’re currently employed by; title; seniority; years in the business; years in new business; location (region); willingness to relocate; and specific types of new business experience (from managing pitch teams and writing questionnaire responses to developing pitch presentations and conducting proactive prospecting outreach). 

We also encourage new business executives to enter their categories of work experience, current salary information and extended detail on new business achievements. In many cases, we have augmented existing profiles and have even created new profiles in the system with information we’ve gathered from numerous public sources.

They are located in every region and almost every state throughout the U.S. We also have new business executives in the main Canadian centers.

Experience level and seniority ranges from top level agency CMO executives down through junior team members.

We have new business and sales executives from digital agencies, PR firms, advertising agencies, media sales/publishing companies, and more.

Mirren has built a custom database with a search engine that allows you to filter the profiles based on criteria unique to new business talent. For example, you can filter based on elements such as: types of new business experience; years in the agency business; years in new business; seniority; location (region); etc. 

In short, think of Mirren Talent as a comprehensive collection of custom new business profiles. You’ll search these profiles for the new business executives that you’d like to contact.

The service is entirely online and designed to be dead simple. Note that we do not provide telephone support for help on selecting your new business executives, but we do provide sales and tech support. For this, you can contact Mirren Talent here.

Here's How it Works

1) Confirm the Type of New Business Executive You Require

There are several types of new business executives. From hunters to project managers, it’s critical to understand what you require in this role, based on the new business objectives of the agency. Here, you’ll develop an understanding of the different types, where their strengths (and weaknesses lie) and how best to screen for them in the interview process.

To ensure you hire the best new business executive for the role, take some time to plan. Review our online coaching content and answer a few questions to best set your agency and the new new business executive up for success.

2) Create a Performance-Based Job Description

It’s surprising how many new business executives have no job description, or perhaps just a generic outline at best. Without the bar and expectations clearly set, how can you possibly expect optimal performance? Here, you’ll review a straight forward approach to crafting a job description that focuses on the results required of the new business executive — and the resources required of the agency to ensure success.

To ensure you outline a clear focus for the role, take some time to plan. Review our online coaching content and answer a few questions to best set your agency and the new new business executive up for success.

3) Confirm the Optimal Compensation Package

New business executive compensation is often an area of question for many agencies. How much should you pay? What is the best mix of base salary and incentive? Here, you’ll review the options most agencies are using to ensure the package is aligned with the agency’s new business objectives, while best motivating the individual.

To ensure you outline the optimal compensation package for the role, take some time to plan. Review our online coaching content and answer a few questions to best set your agency and the new new business executive up for success. Also download our Mirren New Business Salary & Tenure Report for even more detail on compensation.

4) Select Profiles

This a powerful search engine, the only one of its kind. It is customized specifically for new business executives. Here, you can pinpoint new business executives based on criteria that is unique and specific to this role. For example, you can include criteria such as seniority; type of new business experience; years in new business; years in the agency business; region and salary.

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