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About Mirren Talent

It often take weeks or months for a recruiter to conduct a new business search. In addition, they have limited access to the new business community and a limited understanding of this complex role.
  • Mirren Talent allows you to move quickly. Because this is not a recruiting service, and based entirely online, you can begin reviewing profiles immediately.
  • Mirren Talent provides exclusive access to the new business community. Our network is deep. In fact, we’ve trained hundreds of the best new business talent for almost a decade.
  • Mirren Talent guides you through the process. In the online system, we guide you through how to better understand what you really need in the role, including how to write an effective job description, and craft a motivating compensation package.
  • Mirren Talent does not charge a placement fee. While there is a subscription fee to access the profile library, Mirren Talent is not a recruiter with large placement fees.


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We are available Monday through Friday, from 10:00am - 8:00pm ET. You may also contact us after hours as we're often online outside the main hours.

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